Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Ingredients for Success

Many people set "resolutions" this time of year.  To me, resolutions are for those that don't have the guts to call it a goal, write it down and set out to achieve it.  Whether you seek success in your personal relationships or in your professional life, it is what is inside of you that will determine the outcome.

I believe these are the necessary ingredients needed to obtain your dream:


In a word...  you have to have POSTURE!  You will hit plateaus.  You will affect someones life.  You will see how you are capable of more then you ever realized.  Stay the course and a goal set will be a goal realized with a recipe that includes these ingredients for success!

I would LOVE to hear what ingredients you think are important in your life...  feel free to share it here!  Happy New Year and continued blessings to all:)

To Your Success,

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  1. Great post, thanks for visiting and leading me to your blog. If you get a chance to visit again let me know if you would ever like to be featured. I would love to tell your story of parenting as a cancer survivor, I think many women could find strength in what you have been through.