Sunday, December 19, 2010

What is the SINGLE most important thing in your life???

So the holiday season is upon us again.  This is the time of year that many of us draw close to family, reflect on all that has happened through the year and make new determinations about our futures.  So I ask, "What is the SINGLE most important thing in your life?"  Did you answer with family, children or spouse?

I have found if you want to know what someone really values most, simply look at their calendar and their checkbook. How a person spends their time and money reveals what they really value most.  Well, no more lip service!  It's time to make the main thing in your life, actually the main thing!
Zig Ziglar did an interview with  SUCCESS in October 2008.  They asked him what the greatest secret to his success was, he responded, “I made sure I had a home court advantage. Because what happens at home has a dramatic impact on what you’re going to be able to do out in the public. So I’ll always put my family first. If things at home are good, you have a better chance of being successful out in the world. If you’re worried about what’s happening at home, I guarantee you, you’re not going to be quite as effective out in the world.” So, putting your family first bolsters your ability to succeed professionally.
Why do we work so hard? Why do we want to succeed? Often, our greatest, innermost motivation is rooted in wanting to provide for and contribute to our family, to deliver security and comfort, to open up opportunities for their future. In the end when we look back on our lives, what mattered most will be the love we shared with those who mean the most—not coins, cars, houses, boats, degrees, titles or even applause. Your family and significant relationships are the means and the end in life.
Let’s make a pact: No more lip service. Let’s start actually studying and giving attention to what we say is life’s most important value. When we come to the end of this life, our true legacy will lie with the ones we loved best.
Why do you work so hard? Why do you want to succeed? How do you make what you value most a priority? Please share your comments and thoughts below.

Entry Source:  SUCCESS, October 2008


  1. Love this, Heidi!! FAMILY FIRST :) My family is why I do anything and everything that I do!

    Hope you have a wonderful Holiday with your family!!!

    Christine Ross

  2. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!