Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Alaska? What is it like living there?"

Nine times out of ten, when people find out that I live in Alaska they ask, "Alaska?  What is it like living there?"  Are the winters cold?  Sure, but there is really no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear!!!  Honestly, of all the places I've lived in the United States...  Alaska is like NO other state.  Believe it or not, the winter is my favorite!  The holidays, the snow, the beauty of it all...  The wonderful thing is that since I work from home, we can go on adventures as a family and have the moments that most only dream of having!  I wanted to share the beauty of the wonderful state of Alaska....

A house decorated for the holidays...  The trees are just
dripping with fresh powder!

Christmas Day Family cross country ski...
found a babysitter so no one had to pull the extra weight:)

Our view from the neighborhood...

Ski over it, under it, around it...  the beauty is all around!

Midnight on a crystal clear evening...  it was a moment to
get lost in!

The glaciers become a playground for families to have
fun as well...

The real secret to a full and well balanced life is to embrace it!  Find the adventure in your surrounding...  Find the adventure with your family...  Find the adventure in your heart!!!  I would LOVE to hear about where you live and how you are embracing this day!

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To Your Adventures,


    It truly is the most unique place I have ever lived. Thank you for bringing back such good memories.
    Heather C

  2. I thought you'd enjoy the view again:)