Sunday, October 10, 2010

Work From Home Mom - Is It the Right Fit For You?

Not unlike many mothers out there, I had to make a decision of whether or not I wanted to have children and continue to work outside the home or not.  While many of us know that we want to be home with our little ones as they grow, we might also feel the pull to excel at a professional passion.  There are many great reasons to be involved with a home based business, but it is important to identify whether or not it is the right fit for you?  You might ask yourself....  Can I really find success working from home?  Will I earn enough to justify having a home based business?  How will this affect my family?

Whether you are a stay at home mom currently or a mom that works outside of the home and wants to be home instead, you need to make some considerations:

  • The Financial Aspect:  While you could work outside the home, would your children need to be in some sort of daycare situation?  If that is the case, does the cost balance out by staying home and not needing the services of a daycare.  While I understand that children need socialization, by working from home they might be able to participate in local activities where they can interact with other children and have you with them at the same time for a much smaller cost financially.  If staying home would be too much of a financial burden, this may not be the right fit, right now.
  • Time Management Aspect:  Working from home will require a great amount of personal dedication and self-motivation.  If you are someone that can identify what needs to be done in order to keep your business moving forward without being told what to do, you possess a very important quality.  For many woman, this is something we do without much thought when it comes to caring for our spouse, children and household activities.  You must be able to have that same clarity when it comes to reaching your goals with your business.  And the true key is being able to manage your time between those two major components while working from home so that neither the family nor the business gets neglected!
  • Identifying Your Reasons:  Your reasons for deciding to have a home based business are probably the most important factor as to whether or not you will achieve success.  Success comes in many forms and is just as personal as ones reasons....  It might be that you are finally spending your day talking about something that you are passionate about sharing.  It might be that you finally feel that your priorities are in the order you want them to be in with regards to family and working.  All in all, identifying your reasons will be the map to attaining success while running a home based business.  If your reasons are strong enough, nothing will deter you from knowing that you are a success in what you are doing.
Each woman has some very important considerations to make as to whether or not having a home based business is the right fit.  Writing down the pros and cons can bring to light what is the right decision for you and for your family.  On a personal note, I thought I had found my professional passion and wasn't sure that it was possible to find a home based business that would bring me the same satisfaction.  Being open-minded and adaptable helped me to discover that not only do I have other passions, but I could be the mom that I had dreamed I could be.  Having a home based business gives me the satisfaction that I personally desire and it is icing on the cake that I get to do it with my family right by my side.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject!

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